The identity of a company
is reflected in its Corporate TLD


Registration fee and services

The following services are included in the TLD registration fee:

  • Check
    UN1D will check if your company is not infringing on the rights of a third party. UN1D needs to protect the rights of all companies and will not accept a TLD request for TLD .KIA if you are not the car manufacturer KIA Motors Corp.
  • Approval
    The Internet Names Authorization & Information Center (INAIC) is the official representative body for the Public-Root. The INAIC Council is charged with the approval of the creation of new TLDs.
  • Creation
    An entirely new Top Level is created and added to the Inclusive Name Space. All Public-Root servers in the world will be updated.
  • TLD Servers
    At least 2 authoritive TLD-Servers are appointed to resolve your new Top Level before creation. Public-Root has 2 public TLD-Servers available for this purpose at no extra charge.
  • DNS Servers
    Besides the use of two TLD servers UN1D also offers the use of two DNS servers free of charge. You can use these if you do not have DNS servers of your own and would like to forward your entire TLD to a web server.
  • Additional TLD Services
    UN1D will advise you on how to get the most out of your corporate TLD.
  • TLD Whois
    The INAIC will maintain a Global Top Level WHOIS database in order to identify all TLD Registrants.
  • Legal Rights
    Anyone who registers a TLD first, becomes the official Registrant. TLDs cannot be registered twice. The INAIC guarantees that your TLD will be recognized and listed in the Global TLD WHOIS, and the Public-Root guarantees that your TLD will resolve in the Public-Root as long as the TLD is registered.

    The sum to register a new TLD is $ 1000 USD Only. This includes an endless amount of possible Second Level Domains (SLDs). Renewal (after 1 year) is $ 250 per year.

    All TLDs will be registered in your name, not in ours. You will become the exclusive Registrant of an entire TLD, including the rights to manage millions of possible SLDs that belong to it.

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