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UN1D, the first TLD Registrar in the world to offer on-line registration of multilingual TLDs.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Press Release.

Over 500 million people around the world are online daily, but only one-third of them are native speakers of English. Multilingual TLDs, or internationalized TLDs (iTLDs), enable TLD Registrants to use the Internet solely in their own native language. Today, internationalized domain names (IDNs) already play an important role in transforming the Internet into a truly global and multilingual tool.

Multilingual TLDs are a logical consequence of the introduction of IDNs. The availability of Multilingual TLDs will amplify the transformation of the Internet. Multilingual TLDs are based on the same international standards as IDNs and are powered by the global public DNS infrastructure, the Public-Root.

Trademark holders also benefit from Multilingual TLDs because brand recognition is facilitated by Multilingual TLDs and IDNs. Securing trademarks and other intellectual property with Multilingual TLDs will no longer depend on the English language exclusively. 

Multilingual TLDs are TLD names represented by local language characters. These TLDs are available today and enable users and providers with multilingual support. E.g. Chinese, Russian, Greek or Japanese characters. Users can navigate the Internet in any language, and web site owners can reach audiences in their local script.

A multilingual TLD will: 

  • reach the target audience more effectively by communicating in the target audience's native language;
  • protect, strengthen and extend existing brands and trademarks and secure brand equity in local markets;
  • eliminate any confusion in brand-communication;
  • improve the user's navigation experience;
  • create a global utility that adheres to international standards and leverages DNS in a stable and reliable way;
  • enable the holder to extend and protect his online identity in local markets around the world;
  • enable the holder to reach target markets more effectively, in the language and script that customers prefer.
  • there is no need to translate or transliterate a brand name into English in order to use it as a TLD.

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